Nicki Minaj Transformed Into Lil Wayne In Birdman “Y.U. Mad” Video

Perhaps Nicki Minaj has decided to parade he Halloween custome early.

Nicki Minaj transformed into the female version of Lil Wayne in Birdman’s new video for his single “Y.U. Mad.”

The “female Weezy” mimicked her mentor’s mannerisms and style, sporting long blonde dreads, a wifebeater, boxers pulled above her camouflage pants, and a diamond-studded chain and watch.

“Nicki gave me that song. She called me one day like, ‘Stunna, I got a record for you I think you would like,’” Birdman told MTV News. “I jumped on it and put my son on it. I liked it from the start. Working with Nicki is just special anyway and I felt good about it, so we rocked with it.”

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