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Twins Of Twins Hints At A Sting Clash With Tony Matterhorn, “a nuh nutten fi kill him again”

Dancehall’s comedic duo Twins of Twins wants to kill Tony Matterhorn at this year’s Sting if the price is right.

Twins of Twins, who claim to already kill the sound system selector/deejay, said they are willing to kill him again at Sting depending on Laing’s offer.

“That’s a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never attained unless acquired by bus loads of people with political affiliation ’cause him done dead already. If Sting should happen that would just be the confirmation,” Gaynor of Twins of Twins said. “Right now, we’ve been doing this but Laing haffi go talk to wi properly ’cause at the end of the day it’s a business. Mi a hear rumours of war and mi nah hear rumours of money. If Mr Laing talk to wi properly, a problem a Jam World.”

Gaynor laments that they did not expect the lyrical battle to reach this stage. However, they will not back down.

“It’s not deliberate. Music for me is an expression of certain feelings. We do it naturally. We neva plan seh dis ago happen. It was with no ill will or ill intention. One man underestimate wi and end up inna problem. Him nuh come wid one song up to now. Wi kill him already, so a nuh nutten fi kill him again,” he said.

This year’s staging of Sting set to take place at Jam World in Portmore on December 26.