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Beenie Man Respond To Bounty Killer’s “Kill Dikey” [Audio]

Just when fans were beginning to wonder if Beenie Man will respond to Bounty Killer’s latest diss track “Kill Dikey” he did.

The Doc drop a new diss track last weekend called “Death In The Vallery,” on the Valley Of Death Riddim.

AUDIO: D’Angel Diss Beenie And Bounty

“Anytime yo sleep and dream seh yo puff my chest, pinch yoself cuz yo no wake up, a wha happen to dem idiot yah man, the war is on and di war nice cuz people a dead… di whole world can say dem fraid a mi, better them bwoy de try fi cry cree,” Beenie Man deejay.

Dancehall deejay Mr. Lexx got caught in Beenie Man crossfire also.

Listen track below.