Vybz Kartel Speaks From Behind Prison Walls, To Release New Track

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel has broken his silence from behind bars regarding his recent legal troubles.

The Portmore Empire boss release a new audio taping calling out police officers who recently raided his homes and slapped murder and weapons charges against him.

“Dem seh wi a fugitive, system a pre di Gaza general,” Vybz Kartel said in Jamaican patois before singing a few lines.

“Di system a pre mi, dem a seh mi is a don nuh call mi so, true mi help ghetto youths weh no have enough, why yo do dat missa officer, why yo come inna mi house a search so fa, wha yo waan lock up Shorty fa, yo neva si mi wid no gun inno officer,” Kartel deejay

Urban Islandz sources inside the Gaza told us that Vybz Kartek will be releasing a new track about his arrest and the injustice he is faced with.

“Di Teacha know seh him innocent and nuff people a speculate whether him kill man or have illegal gun,” the source said. “But wi a work pon a new track addressing all the speculations.”

Play audio below.