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Popcaan Still A Member Of Empire, But Faced With A Dilemma

Dancehall artist Popcaan, one of the few remaining members of the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire, has reportedly seek a new manager in Shocking Vibes head Patrick Roberts.

According to a blog Chatychaty, Popcaan made the link with Roberts through his son Jamie. The site also claims that Popcaan’s mother got involved and personally ask Roberts, who is a veteran in dancehall, to manage her son’s career.

Urban Islandz hit up our sources inside the Gaza for a comment on the allegations and they say Popcaan has not indicate to them his departure from the camp.

“Poppy nuh tell nobody that so I can’t comment for him, he would have to address those allegations directly,” the source said.

The source said although Poppy may consider at some pointed time to leave the group, he would be faced with a dilemma now if Vybz Kartel is convicted and face prison time.

“If poppy leave now he would be an idiot because everyone is looking at him to lead Empire if di Teacha go incarcerated for some time,” the source said. “Popcaan would be a bigger traitor than Jah Vinci and NotNice if he wait until the man down to step on him.”

Do you think Popcaan will leave Portmore Empire amidst Vybz Kartel legal troubles?

Peep track below.


  1. Poppy must leave gaza,kartel is a illuminati member

  2. gaza fi eva

  3. Jr Morebig Ravin King

    Gaza Fi Eva Puppy Lives.

  4. poppy must leave gaza..vybz is illuminati.


  6. e wil b an idiot if he did xo I think hez saposed bring a change to pormore membas.