Sean Kingston Blamed, Fined For Jet Ski Accident

Reggae fusion singer Sean Kingston was fined $180 and cited for “careless operation” in an jet ski crash over Memorial Day weekend in Miami Beach.

According to TMZ, who obtain the police report, investigators found that Kingston’s “inexperience” and “inattention” were to blame for the serious crash, which sent him to ICU at Jackson’s Ryder trauma center.

Reports suggest that the likely cause of the accident was that Kingston mistakenly released the throttle while turning and steering the wheel at the same time, causing him to lose control.

In an interview after his recovery, Kingston admitted he was going too fast, which causes the watercraft slammed into the Palm Island bridge.

Investigators think he was moving at about 35 mph.

The Jamaican singer also disclosed that he later had open heart surgery while he was hospitalized.

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