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Lisa Hyper Denies Being In New Explicit Photo, “It’s Not Me”

Dancehall deejay Lisa Hyper has denied being in a leaked explicit photo that lands online this week.

Yesterday a fan sent Urban Islandz a photo of a female, who bears striking resemblance to Lisa Hyper, performing explicit acts.

“As me see it, I knew it wasn’t me. Somebody just a try hard fi mash up mi career. Mi just act right away by calling my publicist and send out a broadcast message,” Hyper said. “If my fans dem know me, dem ago know seh a nuh me dat. Da stunt deh neva mek it at all.”

PHOTO: Lisa Hyper New Explicit Images

Hyper made gossip headlines two years ago after some explicit photos of her landed online with a male counterpart believed to be her former mentor Vybz Kartel. However, she told the Star that she will turn this latest hurdle into a positive outcome.

“We been through the worst, dis a di least. Mi nah go mek nutten distract mi. Mi turn dem negative thing deh inna positive all the while. Wah nuh kill yuh build yuh,” she said. “Mi still have a lot of people fi convince seh a nuh me. Some people a seh a old picture. If mi do this and dem still nuh believe mi, you can know seh is definitely a hater. Plus under har neck big and fat like she have five chin.”

Lisa Hyper said she will be capitalizing on the publicity she’s getting as a result of the photo by release a new song and video called “Shy Bowas.”

She did learn a lot from Vybz Kartel

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  1. Felechia Martin-Holman

    this picture of her is horrid…yall cudnt find a 6edda 1….now lookn @ her picture nd the “head 1” don’t look like the same chicc…I could 6e wrong…lol.