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Vybz Kartel Music Banned In Guyana

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel finds himself in hot water with another Caribbean territory after the Guyanese broadcasting authority issued an indefinite ban on his music.

The ban comes a month after the “Dancehall Hero” deejay failed to show up for a Guyana summer concert.

According to National Communications Network NCN spokesman Martin Goolsarran, Vybz Kartel was banned because his music has “nothing positive” to offer the Guyanese entertainment industry. He disclosed that the decision came after a week of internal debate.

Goolsarran said they are reviewing the lyrics of other musicians and could ban them as well.

Last month, Vybz Kartel angered his Guyanese fans and the Tourism Ministry after he failed to show up for a government supported concert.

Not all fans in Guyana felt the government decision was warrant. One fan told Urban Islandz that they ban is as a result of a grudge the NCN holds against Vybz Kartel for not showing up for a concert twice.

“Many people buy tickets to see Vybz for the summer concert and that was the second time he fail to show up for a concert,” the fan said. “There are several other artists who use explicit lyrics and are still playing on radios, so for them to single out Vybz Kartel it seems odd.”

Do you think the Guyanese authority unfairly singles out Vybz Kartel?



  2. mek dem gweh a through nobody inna dem country nuh hard like the man big up kartel u large.

  3. I don’t tink de guhaya gvnmt did a gud ting 2 de techa.

  4. gr8….

  5. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    What we are seeing is unprofessionalism attacking unprofessionalism. Vybz kartel should have been sued the costs of pre-production and performance fee deposit toward the concert and Vybz would have had to decide if his antics are worth that much. Hit him where it must hurt.