Cashflow Distance Self From Tour Scam

Cashflow Records has stepped forward to to address allegations that they are involved in a scam.

According to reports, alleged representatives for the label are calling upcoming artists offering them exclusive tours with I-Octane if they can foot a $50,000 payment.

However, Cashflow’s publicist Buju Wayne has denied the claims, stating that the label have nothing to do with the scam.

“The person a tell lie that his name is DJ Neil, and that in exchange for $50,000 he can arrange a tour with I-Octane,” he said.

Wayne is urging artistes to reject any approach made by any individual under the disguise of Cashflow to solicit money.

“Get in contact with DJ Neil or Father P, no other person can conduct business on behalf of Cashflow,” he said. “Persons who might be victims of the ongoing scam, especially those in Montego Bay should go to the police.”

Wayne issued an apology on behalf of Cashflow.

Wayne also said, “Cashflow would like to extend an apology to anybody that might have been affected by the negative act.”

So far two persons from the Montego Bay area, are alleged to have made complaints to Cashflow regarding the scam.