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J. Cole Kills Roc Nation, Rihanna Rumors [Video]

J. Cole, who made headlines this week for his highly anticipated collaboration with mentor Jay-Z, is stepping forward to address other reports that kept him on blogs front pages for the past weeks.

Cole recently spoke to MTV2’s Sucker Free to clear the air of a few pesky the rumors circulating around the Internet, including a tape with Rihanna and getting dropped by Roc Nation.

J. Cole said while he’s happy that he’s making headlines even without having dropped his long-awaited debut LP Cole World: The Sideline Story, it’s annoying that people are making up such personal stories about him all for profit.

“I just let ’em talk. They also say I’ve got a sex tape [with Rihanna] and they say I got dropped from Roc Nation,” joked Cole. “It’s been a hell of a two weeks. They put a picture of one of my fans on the Internet and said it was my girlfriend…I figured out, now that I’m on the other side [of the rumor mill], it’s just so random. It doesn’t start from no where, it’s just like tabloids back in the day. People get paid, they making their money off of making up kind of outlandish stories. ‘Jay-Z said he gon’ beat J. Cole up when he sees him, said he better watch out.’ And it’s always a very reliable source [saying it].”


“That’s a genius rumor [the sex tape with Rihanna], ‘cus that’s still sticking, and it’s two weeks later almost. It’s an annoying compliment. The fact that they’re even talking and I don’t have no album out and I’m making the little…gossip sites [is cool], but I stay getting texts from people saying, ‘Oh man, you good? You all right? I heard you got dropped. Keep your head up, fam.'”

Peep the interview below.