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Soulja Boy Under Fire For Dissing Army, “He Should Apologize To All Armed Forces”

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em is under fire for some anti-army raps directed toward the FBI and army.

Soulja Boy fired shots at the law enforcement bodies in his recent track “Let’s Be Real.”

“F**k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man … … I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.”

According to TMZ, a retired Marine is demanding Soulja Boy to apologize.

Fred A. Flores, a retired Marine who is now a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission, said “it’s a very offensive statement … especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up.”

Flores — who has two children currently serving in the military — calls Soulja “Ungrateful” … adding, “He should apologize to ALL armed forces.” “[The rap] is very irresponsible, especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country.”

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  1. the youth is an illiterate rapper what do you expect how can u diss the army idiot!