Rihanna Denies Rekindling Old Flame

Rihanna, who is taking time off to enjoy herself in her homeland Barbados, is rumored to be rekindling her relationship with alleged ex-boyfriend Negus Sealy.

In your wondering who Negus is, he is the guy in the photos, spotted with RiRi on a number of occasions in Barbados and at this week Kadooment parade. According to reports, he was Rihanna’s first love before the fame

Photos: Rihanna Heats Up Kadooment Parade In Barbados

This week a fan ask Rihanna about Negus on Twitter and this was her response.

“That’s funny, I grew up wit all these guys! Its all Fam’!!! EW! (In my Nicki Minaj voice)” (Rihanna Twitter)

Negus is nicknamed the “Love God” in Barbados. Jamaicans would say “Gallis”

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