Foxy Brown Mooning Case Dismiss, Hints At Lawsuit

New York rapper Foxy Brown won a year-long court case which charged her with mooning a female neighbor last year.

According to reports, the plaintiff decided to fall back on the case after realising there is no money to be made from Brown.

A judge in Brooklyn has dropped charges against Brown who violated a court order in 2010 by allegedly mooning her neighbor. Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith decided to scrap the case after the neighbor, Irene Raymond, told prosecutors that she would not testify in the trial.

“While the district attorney’s office has no doubt the defendant committed this crime, we have no other choice but to dismiss this case,” Isdith said in a statement.

In developing news, the rapper and her attorney Salvatore Strazzullo plans to sue the city of New York, the New York Police Department and the District Attorney’s for “malicious prosecution.”

“Its rooted in jealousy, it’s a [scary] thing like borderline obsession,” said Foxy, who denied the accusations. “Someone wants to be you and have the life I worked very hard for.”

Brown and her attorney said they were confident they could prove the defendant was lying had the case gone to trial. Robert Isdith told the New York Daily News that Foxy’s penchant to not wear undergarments would have been the deciding factor in the case.