Twins Of Twins Movie “Ching Pow Kickers” Ready For Release

Dancehall’s funniest duo Twins of Twins revealed that their highly anticipated movie “Ching Pow Kickers” is schedule for a November release.

The Twins said the usual legal aspect is the only thing standing in the way of the launch. The movie is the first lead role for the twins in this capacity, which will see them starring through voice participation.

According to the Twins, Ching Pow is an action-packed movie which will create laughter and comedic communication among the characters that appear to be Japanese. The main voices in the movie will be that of Roundhead, Mutabaruka, Julian and Bob Marley among others.

The film producer said he is currently fine-tuning the product in order to get the best quality that can last for years, instead of it being passed off as a gimmick.

“We are currently in dialogue with the local theatres for its release, and it will be released to the public after we have offset our expenses,” said director and producer Bruce Hart.