Bow Wow Baby Mama Speaks, Talks Omitting His Name From Birth Certificate [Photo]

Bow Wow is certainly not the first celebrity to have baby mama drama and certainly won’t be the last.

The Young Money rapper revealed last week that he was the proud father of a new baby girl but his child’s mother, who goes by the model name Miss Joie, wants the world to know that not everything is ‘peaches and cream’.

Now Bow Wow’s baby mama Joie has broken her silence, telling TMZ that she left Bow Wow’s name off of her daughter’s birth certificate because he wasn’t there for her throughout her pregnancy. He also was absent from the child’s birth in which she had to undergo an emergency c-section. According to Joie, he showed up six days later, saw the baby and immediately fell in love.

Bow Wow revealed last week that baby Shai changed his life and that he wants to be a good father to his child. However, Joie says she isn’t buying it. She tells Global Grind:

“He’s getting all these props as dad of the year, I just hope he does the work, in fact, I pray he becomes an example to all young fathers. I was happy to hear his statements, I just pray he lives up to it.”

Joie also said she help Bow Wow get through his hard times and suicidal thoughts last year.

“He would always talk to me. We became friends before anything. So he would always talk to me and I was straight to the point with him. I would always tell him ‘you have fans, you have people who admire and look up to you. You have a beautiful blessing on the way that you have to live for. You have so much to live for so don’t think like that.’”

“I was definitely always there for him to cope with whatever he was going through. And just letting him know, be that father that you didn’t have to your daughter.”

See some photos below of Miss joie

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