MediaTakeOut Owner Reveals Celebrities Dirty Secrets

The owner of popular urban gossip site MediaTakeOut, Fred Mwangaguhunga, rarely does interviews. But over the past weeks he offered a few media outfits the opportunity to sit down with him.

Mwangaguhunga runs the most hated/loved and influential urban gossip site on the planet. He recently sat down with The Urban Daily where he talks starting MediaTakeOut, exclusive sources among other things.

Mwangaguhunga says he does not name names as far as his exclusive sources go, “they aren’t as classified as you would think–they are your favorite artists attempting to create a buzz around perishing careers, anonymous spectators and or the close individuals your beloved celebrity trusts.”

When asked does he sometimes fear for his life? answers “No.”

Starting MediaTakeOut was founded in 2006 by Fred Mwangaguhunga, who was a corporate lawyer. After finding financial success in an online laundry service, he decided to venture into the same business he had once promoted his product on–blogs!

The site started at a time when few blogs existed and little competition. Capitalizing on the small but growing market, offered what the consumer was missing–the blatant gossip and juicy stories from their favorite urban public icon.

Visitors to the site regularly blast them for their reports but they always return to get more juicy celebrity gossips. averages over 10 million Unique Visitors and a whopping 400 million Page Views each month.