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Alliance Deny Mavado Involvement In Altercation

A rep for Alliance members Bounty Killer and Mavado send Urban Islandz a statement clarifying some reports circulating in the media since yesterday.

Initial reports that reached Urban Islandz, suggests that Mavado and his entourage physically assaulted an off duty police officer at the Quad night club on Monday morning while attending Bounty Killer’s birthday party. However, in a joint statement the artists management said the deejays was already inside the club when the incident ensued.

Read full statement below:

Obviously we cant say too much at this point in time as its the subject of an ongoing investigation but we need to clarify one thing: false reports have been circulated by the media that this incident stemmed from Mavado refusing a search upon entry to Quad nightclub.

That is completely untrue, Mavado and his party were already inside the club, past the search area where there was no issue with anyone. We are asking for fair and balanced reporting of this incident, there is always a lot of false information propagated when these stories break but that doesn’t mean to say we must blame Mavado automatically.

People involved will put out their side of the story to protect their interests, which is understandable, but that doesn’t mean media have to carry it without doing their own checks. Mavado was not traveling with 20 or 30 people, as is also being reported. He was with his girlfriend, a couple of family members and a handful of friends.

The man that got shot underwent surgery this morning to stabilize his condition; he lost a lot of blood and the bullet is lodged in him. His condition is very serious and Doctors hope to try and remove the bullet once he is well enough.

Mavado will be attending Half Way Tree station at the earliest opportunity with legal representation to answer any questions the police have. As it relates to Bounty Killer it’s incomprehensible as to why he has been made a person of interest by the police this morning. He was nowhere near the vicinity where the incident happened and its very regrettable that he has been caught up in this situation, especially on his birthday.

Mavado was subsequently charged for assault and Bounty Killer was questioned and release.