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Ja Rule Say He Expects Protective Custody, “They Don’t Put Guys Like Me In General” [Video]

Former Murder Inc rapper Ja Rule, who this week begins his 2 year prison stint, opened up about what he expects his experience will be like and what regrets he holds.

In an appearance on Good Day New York earlier this week, Rule said he is expecting to be placed in protective custody due to his celebrity status, he said the only regret he holds is his children temporarily not having a father.

“No, no, no,” Rule said when asked if he is afraid to begin his two-year jail sentence. “They don’t put guys like me in general custody. [Will I be in protective custody?] Probably. Most likely. More than likely. I try not to regret anything that I do in life because you go through life and you do things and you man up to them and own them. If you said it, you should mean it. If you do it, you should admit it. I don’t like to regret anything. I just like to say I live and I learn. I got three kids. If there’s anything that I regret, I regret that. They have to go through this with me and I’m not gonna be there for them.”

Ja Rule turned himself over to authorities on Wednesday (June 8th) to begin serving his two-year prison sentence in New York.

peep interview below.