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Popcaan Claims Victimization By 5-O, “Dem Seh Di Whole A Unnu A Sleep A Jail”

One of Portmore Empire last remainding member, Popcaan, has stepped forward to shed light on his recent arrest in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

Initial reports suggest that the “Gaza Forever” deejay was arrested along with members of his entourage for possession of marijuana. However, Popcaan denied the report and claims he was victimized by lawmen.

“Police pull mi over, me and mi friend dem… mi producer Jamie Roberts, dem search mi, search mi car before mi, dem carry mi go a di station process wi,” Popcaan told radio station Irie FM in Jamaica patois. “Here comes another police man now seh di whole a unnu a sleep a jail tonight.”

Popcaan said he slept in a jail cell with his friends last week Thursday (June 2) and was release Friday afternoon after being transfer to another police station.

According to the Morant Bay police, Popcaan was apprehended along with a group of men during a police operation carried out by the St Thomas police.