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Lil Wayne Talks Being The Right Choice To Bring Hip-Hop Back [Video]

Lil Wayne join the likes of Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z to make a special appearance for MTV Unplugged live band series.

Weezy is the first Hip Hop star to be featured on Unplugged in over a decade. The show will air on June 12th and Wayne spoke with MTV’s Sway about the performance and why he’s the man for the job.

“It’s very intimate and they damn sure picked the right artist to do it, because if you’re not a full artist, you can’t do that,” Weezy said in regards to being able to pull off an MTV Unplugged.

“You have to be a full-circle artist. You have to have everything, because it’s so intimate. And if there are any flaws, they will be spotted. So I suggest you be flawless,” Lil Wayne added.