Notnice And Jah Vinci Said Vybz Kartel “Change,” Embarrassed By His Bleaching [Video]

Former members of Portmore Empire Notnice and Jah Vinci continues to speak out on their experience with the Gaza boss Vybz Kartel.

During an interview with Anthony Miller of ER, both Vinci and Notnice said one thing in common, “Vybz Kartel change.” By that they are not just talking about looks, but also his personality.

Jah Vinci said his career took a turn for the worse when he had a scuffle, with members of the Gaza last year.

“After the scuffle, mi realise seh shows stop come in… everytime mi voice a song hi seh it nuh good enough,” Jah Vinci said.

Notnice said the Empire boss send a group of thugs to strip to his apartment of everything including his studio equipments and computers with his music.

“Dem seh di general send dem… the only thing dem suppose to left is the bed,” Notnice revealed.

Jah Vinci said he is embarrassed and surprised by Vybz Kartel bleaching.

Peep video footage of the interview below.