Wayne Marshall Sings For Tami “Good Ole Wife”

Tami Chin Wayne Marshall
Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall

Dancehall singjay Wayne Marshall has dedictated his new single “Good Ole Wife” to his wife of two years Tami Chynn.

Weighing in on the new single on the Matrimony riddim, Marshall said he dedicate the song not only to his wife, but also marriage and commitment.

“Is long time I did have the idea. The response I been getting has been crazy. It is an outright dedication to marriage and commitment,” Marshall said. “I decided that I was going to dedicate it to my good ole wifey. It’s also a creative play on words depending on how you look at it.”

As would any wife, Marshall said Tami Chynn is very happy about the dedication.

“She loves it. From the time I was building it she busted out laughing. Who would not want a song dedicated to them? I also notice that it is getting a big response from the ladies.”