Leftside Address Fake French Concert

Dancehall deejay Leftside is the latest reggae star to be drawn into the recent spate of fake concerts by unscrupulous promoters.

Leftside, who was being advertise for a show in Beach De Montpellier in France last weekend, show his dismay on Twitter.

“Why am I hearing that I’m supposed to be in France and I do not know about this??”

“I was advertised for that by who??” and “Do you know who the promoter is?” (Leftside Twitter)

Leftside told Jamaican journalists that his fans and associates in the European country has been inquiring about the show.

“Basically people like my fans and friends in Europe have been asking how comes I’m not in Europe and I’m supposed to be at a show in Montpellier. I wasn’t aware of that show so I started to tweet to some of the people who were asking me to see if they could get a flyer and show me the information that was being advertised.”

Leftside said his reps may resort to legal actions against the promoter.

“I have people over there who do bookings for me who got in touch with the promoter and told them to straighten out the situation or else legal action would be taken against them by my people.”

Last month reggae star Tarrus Riley and rapper Drake was the subject of fake concerts in North America.

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