Jamaica Bacchanal Series Climax

Jamaica carnival series Once Upon A Dynasty Bacchanal series climaxed yesterday with a bang.

The high-energy soca season ended with the highly anticipated carnival parade which began on Mona Road in St Andrew. Some 12 different colourful revellers invaded the streets of Kingston, gyrating through rain and shine.

As the parade made its way towards Hope Road the revellers seemed oblivious to the scorching sun as they palanced and pushed their bumpas, to the pulsating beat of soca and dancehall music.

Entertainment was not only provided by Renaissance’s DJ Smoke, Sparkles Disco and Trinidad’s own DJ Private Ryan but by live performances as the socaphiles paraded with glitz and glamour throughout specific sections of the city.

The 2011 Bacchanal heat was on and the ‘people wanted wata’ and got just that as there was a sudden downpour of rain. This went well with the ‘soca drunkies’ as they frolicked and gyrated.

Throughout the rain the lovers of alcoholic beverages stayed glued beside the Smirnoff truck that served up intoxicating Smirnoff drink mixes.