Sly And Robbie Prep Japan Tribute Song

Urban Islandz NEWS: Veteran bass makers Sly and Robbie has prepped the release of their tribute song to Japan quake victims.

The project, which is titled Sly & Robbie with Friends: Let Us Pray – Another Song For Japan, involves the Japanese Classic Strings Players who recorded their part at one of the biggest studios in Japan – the Onkyo House, which provided free studio times for the song.

The new track will involve several other reggae and dancehall artists including T.O.K, Cherine Anderson, Belinda Brady, Leba, Pam Hall, Savone, Scantana, UNITZ, KGN 21, Kaz Asonuma, Robbie Lyn, Danny Browne, Rorey Baker, Bulby York and Shane Green together with the Japanese classic strings players.

Kaz Asonuma from the Sly and Robbie camp said, “Sly and Robbie are putting out a charity song for Japan which has been suffering from the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11th. One hundred per cent of the proceeds will be going towards Japan.”

Asonuma added, “Sly and Robbie have been to Japan more than 30 times. They were the most popular, recognised, loved, and supported Jamaican artistes in Japan. They feel it’s our time to help them. At the same time, the song is for not only the victims of natural disasters, but also for disaster itself.”

The song, Asonuma says, is in its final stage of mixing and will be made available on itunes soon.