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Tenza Release Push and Turn Music Video

Tenza has Join forces with Cruzier films to shoot here new music video for her new EP “Push and Turn” which has been out on ITunes since March this year.

Unlike Tenza’s Previous videos “No behaviour” and “Goose”, Push and Turn brings a combination of two different genre of music; Soca and Electro representing what Tenza is all about Fusion. Together the track is produce by Tenza’s own TMD Records and 5AM productions.

Push and turn also showcase a number of different and Unusual dance moves from Tenza where she dances seductively, cheeky and funky with talented Male model and Dancer Glenn, who Tenza has work with in previous video and photo shoots.

Tenza’s Fashion and styling for push and turn came from her own clothing line FB Rasta which was part design by Tenza and FB Club wear clothing company while hair and make-up on the day was done by Rebecca Rojas who is a very young and talent make-up artist from London.

Push and turn Video will be release to the public within the coming weeks via Tenza official fan site has Tenza personally did not want to release the video this time around via any major television networks but from her fan site which is run by Mika Yamamoto from Japan. The video is dedicated to Tenza many fans from around the world.