Soulja Boy On Kat Stacks Trap, “The B*tch Tried To End Me”

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy recently opened up about his past relationship with hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks.

Last year the Miami Internet sensation tried to end Soulja Boy’s career by releasing a video alleging that the rapper is snorting cociane.

Admitting he had a brief run with Stacks last year, Soulja Boy said he was ultimately used as a ploy.

“I was going through some personal things in my career that I had never been through before and it was being displayed in public,” Soulja Boy explained in an interview. “I just felt like the b*tch [Kat Stacks] tried to end me. [Laughs.] She set me up on some dirty sh*t and she tried to frame me. I felt like she swayed a lot of people’s opinions and I just felt like the b*tch tried to end me. She set me up in front of the whole world. My true fans were riding with me throughout and I got through it. But it just goes to show you’ve got to be careful out here man. Motherf*ckers will try to end you. I’m a young, positive black male, just trying to do good. I ain’t shooting people and I ain’t selling drugs. I’m making good music, trying to do something good, and she comes in with some foul-a** sh*t like that. It’ll just mess you up for a little bit. But you grow, you learn, and you get through it. The lesson you take from that is f*ck these b*tches.”