Fire Pashon Change Her Name To Pashon Minott

Urban Islandz NEWS: Fire Pashon, the daughter of deceased legendary Reggae/Dancehall star Sugar Minott, has changed her name to Pashon Minott in honor of her dads last wish.

Pashon is also working on completing her dad’s final incomplete album “Raw Sugar” as well as launch a close line.

Weighing in on the move, Pashon Minott said she is seeking to carry on her fathers legacy.

“A few weeks before my dad passed away he asked me to use my name. Now that he’s not here I know why. That’s what he wanted me to do so I’m working with it. The new name, people are taking on to it. They say that’s what my name should have been. Most people have been saying I should carry on the legacy.”

She added: “He did a lot for his community in the Kingston 5 area. He was very giving, very loving and everybody loved him. We just have to carry on. People feel like he’s still there because they see us. We just have to carry on ’cause there’s a legacy. If we don’t, it’s like daddy’s work was in vain.”

Sugar Minott, who is credited for pioneering dancehall, passed away in July 2010 at the University Hospital of the West Indies after a brief illness.