Rihanna Was “Mortified” After First Leaked Photo

Bajan popstar Rihann described the moments after she had discovered a naughty picture of herself had leaked online.

Rihanna confessed to Rolling Stone magazine that she could barely stand up.

“I could barely stand. I went to the first bathroom I saw and just sat in the stall with the door open. People kept coming in and staring at me sitting on the toilet bowl. I was mortified. I didn’t even want to leave the airport.”

RiRi was pictured in a compromising photo after she sent it to her then-boyfriend Chris Brown and they managed to find their way online. The “Whats My Name” hit-maker disclosed she had just landed in Hawaii when she discovered that the pictures had been made public.

Nevertheless, Rihanna said the incident hasn’t stopped her from sending naughty pictures to her lovers, but the men in her life are more wary.

“I haven’t gotten a d*ck picture in a long time. I think people are a little afraid. It can turn out bad.”


See some recent photos of Rihanna below.

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