Nicki Minaj And Lil Kim Agreed To End Beef

Urban Islandz NEWS: After a long drawn out beef that fans has been calling unnecessary, Nicki Minaj and rival Lil Kim reportedly agreed to put an end to their feud.

Reports suggest that the two will officially call a cease fire at tonight’s “I Am Music II” concert in Chicago.

“Their beef was taken out of context at the end of the day,” the source said. “Sh*t got ugly, yeah, but it was on both sides. Nicki had been getting at her when she was still on the come up and so Kim had to defend her legacy. It’s rap competition, really. Kim knows she’s a trailblazer for all females rappers [who came after her]. But they have always respected each other, beefing or not…A meeting took place after [the ‘I Am Music II’ tour stop in] Buffalo [last month] and both sides agreed to get money. I had reached out to [Baby’s brother] Slim and he convinced Nicki to meet face-to-face with us.”

Speculations are that Queen Bee will make a special appearance on Nicki Minaj set tonight to legitimize the truce

“They agreed to squash it at the show tonight,” the source promised. “It’s gonna be like when Jay-Z did that Power 105.1 show and brought out Nas [in 2005]. Same sh*t. It’s gonna be a big look for them. They might perform a couple songs too, like “Queen B*tch” but it’s gonna be bigger than tonight. Wait and see.”

If this is true, both females should benefit from the move.

Happy April fools day

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  1. It’s an April Fools joke!!! No Beef squashed!!

  2. april fools this is fake