Shane-O Opens Up About Split With Road Manager, “Big up yuhself youth, but just leave mi name alone”

Urban Islandz NEWS: Dancehall deejay Shan-O has opens up about his split with road manager of four years Iceman.

In a recent interview with the Star Shan-O said the split came from a vehicle incident.

“We a do wi ting for four years now. Dem time deh nobody neva did business wid him, nobody neva did a deal wid him. When visa a gi out dem neva waan gi him nuh visa, a me affi stick out mi foot an seh if him nah get none mi nah get none neither,” Shan-O disclosed.

“If mi work and get a money, mi gi him sumting out of it. Every hundred mi mek mi gi him sumting out of it. But hear wah happen now. We seh wi ago buy a car suh him sell him Hiace bus and mi tell him fi save $150, 000 out a it. Same time mi get some Claro show and get a nice money, when di time come now fi buy di vehicle him nuh have a dollar. Nuh money him nuh have lef!” Shan-O added.

The dancahall deejay said since the split he have seen his career making steady improvements.

“Big up yuhself youth, but just leave mi name alone cause wi dawg dem hungry and mi pickney dem fi guh school,” he said.

Shan-O recently drop a diss track geared towards his former friend and road manager called “Heart Nuh Clean.”

Peep track below.