Fantan Mojah Burns Visa Rumors, “Rasta nuh inna di passa passa”

Reggae artist Fantan Mojah has stepped forward to address rumors of his United States work visa being revoked.

Fantan Mojah, who is signed to Downsound Records, downplays the allegations as pure “passa passa” in a recent interview with the Jamaica Star paper.

“Rasta nuh inna di passa passa suh wah dem a try put up pon dem website nuh really matter enuh because nutten nuh guh suh. Me as a man cyaan get involved inna family affairs. Joe’s family business cyaan mix up inna business. A music mi come ya fi do suh a dat mi a do!” Fantan said in an interview with the Star. “People inna di streets a ask mi how mi sign to Downsound Records an dem nah hear nutten from mi but dem mus know that wi a do the work for Downsound and also for other productions out there.” (Star)

Admitting that he is without a work permit to perform in the United States, Fantan said his permit was only expired and is now being renewed.

“Dem a seh mi guh embassy wah day an dem revoke mi visa. Mi have a ten-year visiting visa for America. Mi three-year work permit up wah day yah and wi put it in back fi renewal. All a dat in the process wid the lawyers and everything. Mi woulden even think fi fly guh America guh work pon mi visiting visa. Dem gi mi a work permit to work on and mi nah guh be doing nuh shows without it or pon mi visiting visa. Mi is a good citizen of Jamaica that do good reggae music. Why America woulda waan deny mi a visa? I’m not a terrorist or anything. I’m abiding by the US law. Dem neva deny mi nuh permit.” (Star)

Downsound Records head, Bogdanovich also weighed in on the rumors: “I don’t know anything about his visa being revoked. From my knowledge it has expired and is being renewed.”

Fantan Mojah is schedule to kick off his U.S. Tour next month.