Reps Confirmed Wyclef Jean Was Shot, Not Cut by Broken Glass [Photo]

Representatives for former Fugee Wyclef Jean released a statement stating the hip hop star was in fact shot in the hand last weekend in Haiti.

Earlier this week the Haitian police chief told journalists that Clef injuries was not from a bullet, but the singer cut his hand on a glass.

In a statement to E! News, the Ex-Fugee singer’s rep confirmed that he had indeed been shot in his hand whilst making a call outside of a vehicle, and not cut by broken glass.

“There have been conflicting stories in the news, but I confirmed with Wyclef last night that he was indeed grazed by a bullet while making a phone call outside of a vehicle. He is doing well and made it out to vote in Haiti [this weekend].”

Wyclef is currently in Haiti to support fellow musician and presidential hopeful Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, who is running in the election.