50 Cent Call Out Ja Rule On $1.1 Mil Debt Case, “D*mn, You Don’t Want To Pay Taxes Fool”

Platinum selling rapper 50 Cent recently reacted to Ja Rule’s guilty plea for failing to file federal taxes by taunting his long time nemesis financial woes.

Shortly after learning about Rule’s tax woes, 50 Cent took to Twitter to poke fun of the former Murder Inc rapper.

“D*mn you don’t want to pay taxes fool. Take 3 more years hahaha. Oh sh*t I’m crying LMAO,” 50 tweeted Wednesday (March 23).

“Lol RT @YouCantBSerious: Ja Rule pleads guilty to tax evasion aww this is the biggest headline for Ja since @50cent destroyed his career.”

“LMAO RT @Reg_GThisis69: I know @50cent is laughing his a** off at Jeffrey” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Details of Ja Rule’s guilty plea hit the Internet Tuesday (March 22) afternoon, with claims that the rapper might face up to three additional years in prison.

Ja Rule is schedule to be sentence in June.

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