Game Ignite More Ras Kass Beef, “I’ll Beat You Up & Give You Props” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game recently gave his piece on the long standing beef between himself and rival Ras Kass.

According to Game, Kass sparked their physical dispute which lead to the Los Angeles club fight that went down last New Year’s Eve.

“I beat up Ras Kass on New Year’s, so, other than that,” Game told radio host Big Boy. “I gave him 18 chances, I said ‘I don’t want no problems,’ and then I said, as I was walking away, he said, ‘You know what? I got a problem!’ — That’s how it happened. But I timed it. Just as the ball dropped, nobody heard it…Security drug him out like, ‘We got him Game!’ It’s cool…I always felt like he was one of the more underrated artists. That’s how I do. I’ll beat you up and give you props at the same time. He was one of the more underrated artists of the West Coast, he just never got his break.”

See Game interview talking about the beef below.