Beenie Man: “The problem is that because Kartel a drive a Benz now”

Dancehall deejay Beenie Man weighs in on a recent track he did that is allegedly directed towards his former friend now turn nemesis Vybz Kartel.

The dancehall veteran deejay said the track “Hot After We” is not directed towards Vybz Kartel contrary to popular belief. In an interview with the Star newspaper, the Doc said the song is a mere coincidence.

“The problem is that because Kartel a drive a Benz now, if anybody sing about Benz a Kartel dem a talk, if anybody sing about bleaching; a Kartel dem a talk because him a do those things now. Yeah, him a di man of di moment but everything wah him a do dem been singing about it from long time.”

In the new track “Hot After We” which you can listen to below, Beenie Man deejays, “Mi tief da laugh ya fi dah song ya / (laugh) / An yuh know wi nuh care/ Nuh 2000 deejay cyaan phase mi career / Mi a do dis before Diageo own Red Stripe beer / Mi still a mek hits year to year / But now dem a drive dem Benz, Benz after wi/ None a dem nah drive Benz before wi / Seh dem a gyalis, dem a gyalis after wi / None a dem nah get gyal before mi / Seh dem a hot bwoy, hot after wi / None a dem nah get clean before wi / Seh dem a hot steppa, new comer, new stepper/ None a dem nah touch road before wi.”

Despite the lyrical content that most fans deemed a diss towards the Portmore Empire boss, Beenie Man said he leave things for fans to make their own assessment.

Peep the new Beenie Man track “Hot After We” below.