Konshens Weighs In On The State Of Reggae Music

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Dancehall deejay Konshens is one a several dancehall artists of late who are sharing their thoughts on the current state of reggae and dancehall music.

The ‘Realest Song’ deejay said he is on a campaign to save the genre from a slum. According to Konshens the most common feedback is that reggae is dying.

“The common feedback I’m getting around the world is that reggae is dying and it’s dying from the root which is Jamaica.”

Konshens want to see more roots reggae music coming out, rather than mostly dancehall.

“I’m not asking anyone in the biz including myself to stop anything but just to add some more reggae to di ting. It doesn’t have to be the same old vintage roots but just music that has our signature sound and feel. Reggae music cannot be seen as just a trend that has passed with a new generation, there is too much history, legacy and prestige to it. How many music genres in the world have actually offset a religion? Not a cult, a religion.”

Late last year dancehall deejay Agent Sasco, popularly known as Assassin weighed in on the genre.

“Me a one a di man dem weh nah sing pon nutten weh have any hip-hop snare inna it. I don’t knock variety but when we start losing our identity, there is a problem. For now, I only want authentic reggae and dancehall rhythms to work on.”

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