Mr. Vegas Call Out Michael Sharpe On Twitter

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Dancehall deejay Mr. Vegas is among several entertainers being affected by the early closing down of parties and street dances in Jamaica.

The “Heads High” deejay took to his Twitter to announce his displeasure with one particular personality, Michael Sharpe.

“TVJ & Radio Jamaica needs to cut ties with Michael Sharp, he is using his ‘district constable’ badge to fight reggae music…..” (Feb 15)

“Mr Sharp is going around locking off every & any dance, set up, party & wedding.. Its time to stop him before he lock off a church service.” (Feb 15)

“My twitters who don’t know who is M Sharp. He is a ‘district constable’, a police officer with a low rank. D.C o/c dirty cop” (Feb 15)

“I wish every jamaican would boycott all jamaican shows until Micheal Sharp gets the boot at TVJ.” (Mr. Vegas Twitter)

Do you think shows are being closed too early in Jamaica?

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