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Buju Banton Took The Stand Today, “I am very ashamed”

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Embattled reggae star Buju Banton testified today (February 16), that he was not a drug dealer, where he told the court that he is very “ashamed of his behavior.”

“I know it may look bad and it may sound bad but I am not a drug dealer. Yes I talked the talked but I did not walk the walk,” Buju reason.

Banton told the court that he is ashamed of his actions and that he is getting bashed by the public because he should know better.

“I’m very ashamed of myself for acting in that manner. I feel like I’m getting a public flogging because I should not do it,” Buju disclosed.

Buju Banton said when he was taken to the undercover warehouse on December 8, 2009 where he was shown drugs by government informant Alexander Johnson, he felt very afraid, but he played it cool for fear that he would be killed.

Buju added that when he left the warehouse he felt really stupid for hanging with Johnson even though he talks about drugs a lot. However, Banton said he knew his talk was simply just talk and that he was no real drug dealer. The Grammy winning recording artist said he called himself an “idiot” when he left Johnson’s company.

Alexander Johnson took the stand earlier today and testify that there were no drug deal between himself and Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie. However, under re-examination from prosecutor James Preston, Johnson said Buju Banton was a broker in the deal.

Buju Banton, who has been fighting for his life since December 2009, won his first Grammy Award on Sunday night at the 53rd Grammy.

The reggae artist will return to court tomorrow on day 4 of his second trial in the Sam Gibbons Federal Court in Tampa Florida.