Vybz Kartel Off The Airwaves For Black History Month

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February marks a month long celebration of black history and culture, and one disc jockey is taking his stands to not play any Vybz Kartel music during this period.

Vybz Kartel has been under increase pressure regarding his new skin tone, from black to extreme light, but as is the norm the deejay doesn’t seems worried.

New York base disc jockey and Irie Jam radio host/programme director, Dubb Master Chris, publicly stated his stands not to play any Vybz Kartel music during February, Black History Month.

In recent interview with The Star, Dubb Master Chris said Black History Month is a big deal and Vybz Kartel sends the wrong message.

“Black History Month is a big deal and we as a people should take every opportunity to celebrate our heritage. I feel if I continue to play Vybz Kartel, an artiste who is now very much known for bleaching his skin, it simply sends the wrong message to my young impressionable listeners.”

DJ Chris stressed his admiration for Kartel’s music, but disagree with the direction the dancehall artist is going.

“Please understand that I have a lot of love and respect for Kartel’s music. I respect his enormous talent and his individuality. He is one of the great lyricists of our time, however, at times I am disappointed in the direction he decides to take his audience even though that is his prerogative.”

The New York disc jockey who has been playing Vybz Kartel music for over a decade now, lambaste bleaching and call it a slap in the face for black ancestors.

“I strongly believe bleaching is wrong, wrong, wrong! It’s a disgrace. It’s a slap in the face of our heritage, our ancestors andour God. This definitely sends the wrong message to children, I think it leads them to believe that somehow, if they are dark complexion something is wrong with that.It erodes the concept that black is beautiful.”

Last month Vybz Kartel came under heavy criticism and widespread outcry from fans about his publicized bleaching of his skin. The dancehall heavy weight deejay was featured on several high profile blogs and magazine websites over the controversial issue.

Vybz Kartel who refer to black people bleaching as the equivalent to white people tanning, said he is comfortable with black people bleaching the skin and he is his own man.

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  1. Vybz bleaches his skin, so what! Why ban him for BLACK HISTORY MONTH? He’s not African Amer. He’s J’can. And ban him for what, BHM? GIVE ME A BREAK! Umm, why did they not ban MJ? What next, ban blacks who deal with people outside our race? Let’s keep it 100, you truly think Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus to fight for us? She probably felt she was too good or white to sit in the back anyway! man!