Toya Working On Debut Album

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Upcoming dancehall artist Toya is working on hard on her debut album which she wants to drop sometime soon.

According to the ‘Hot Like A Fire’ artist, the album will captivate fans with a crazy vibe.

“It’s a hot, crazy and nice vibe that the music on the album gives off. It’s going to be excellent because some producers from California even supposed to come down to do some production work on it as well.”

“I’m working a hot, hot, hot song for the girl dem, Tek A Gal Man,” she said while laughing at the song’s name.

The fast rising dancehall diva said she will also introduce her soulful side on the album.

“There is also When you’re not here I miss you so much, and this will be my very first time doing a love song. It’s a different side of me that I show to the fans on that song. When I’m in the mood, just expect anything. Is the rhythm too, I guess it gave me a vibe too.”

A release date or name is not yet available for the album.

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