Lil Kim Fires Warning Shots At Nicki Minaj, “It’s Black Friday H*e”

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Brooklyn rap veteran Lil Kim is about to step up her hate for Nicki Minaj to further extremes after she announce the release date of a Black Friday mixtape.

Speaking via her twitter account, Kim told fans her ‘Black Friday’ mixtape will drop next month, which is a carry over from her Black Friday single.

“Black Friday the Mixtape – 2/14/11- WHO THE F* CK WAR?#ItsBlackFridayH*e LEGOOOO!!!!!,” she tweeted Wednesday (January 26).

“Black Friday the Mixtape – 2/14/11- WHO THE F* CK WAR?#ItsBlackFridayHoe!”

“@lilkim #itsblackfridayh*e 2.14.11 Happy Valentine’s Day B* tch!” (Lil Kim’s Twitter)

Kim dropped her full-length “Black Friday” Nicki Minaj diss track late last year to mix reviews. She has since shoot a video for the single.