Tessanne Chin Talks “In Between Words” And Wedding

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Reggae soul singer Tessanne Chin recently opens up about her latest album “In Between Words” and walking down the aisle in a couple months.

In an interview with the Gleaner, Tessanne laments on her journey to bring forth her latest LP.

“It’s a journey that has caused me to experience every possible emotion that exist but one that I will use to help me on my other journeys,” she stated.

“I’m a perfectionist in a kind of crazy way and it was an independent album,” the singer added. “Contrary to popular belief, artistes don’t always have a bag a money to drop on an album.”

The soon-to-be married reggae singer, dodged questions about her engagement, only mentioning that wedding plans are under way and that she isn’t a very fussy bride. She also stated that she is a very simple girl so she would not be wearing any puffy princess gowns on her wedding day.

“In Between Words” is only available digitally and comprise of 14 tracks. The album features songs such as Hideaway, Messenger, and also her collaboration with Kees Dieffenthaller called ‘Loving You.’