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Nicki Minaj The “Queen Of Hip-Hop” In London, Talks Pressure Being A Female Rapper [Video]

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Trinidad native female rapper Nicki Minaj recently took to London with a huge buzz, promoting her debut album ‘Pink Friday.’

Minaj was dubbed “Queen Of Hip-Hop” by English DJ Semtex. The raptress also spoke of her struggles being a female rapper in the game, during an interview with BBC 1 Xtra’s Trevor Nelson.

“I’m a new artist and I’m already at the bottom of the totem pole because I’m a female rapper. We barely have our own categories at awards show….I’m at the bottom of the totem pole already and then I get to produce something knowing that people are just waiting to critique it….and they’re comparing me to….Kanye whose what? Four or five albums deep…the fact that they’re even comparing to me these people is a blessing.”

Nicki Minaj debut ‘Pink Friday’ has surpassed Kanye West critically acclaimed album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ in sales and went platinum earlier this month with over 1 million units sold.

See full interview below