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Jamaican Golden Vice Bobby Fray “Homeless” [Video]

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A few weeks ago a Brooklyn born homeless man from Colombus Ohio captivated the internet with his Golden radio voice. Since then Williams has landed a high profile job, a home and reunite with his family after several years living on the street.

Jamaica have its own homeless ‘Golden Voice’ man, but only this tale did not have a happy ending.

Some of you may remember Bobby Fray, a sportscaster on TVJ back in the 1990s. Fray use to cover sports commentary and was exceptionally good as it.

Recently a very sad video surface on Youtube, showing Fray living on the streets in Kingston and portraying behaviors similar that of someone on crack. According to reports, Fray became an addict couple years ago, which shattered his life down to what it is today.

The question is, where is Bobby Fray family or the corporate company he use to work for?

See the video below and leave your comments.