Offbeatz: LeBron James Plans To Launch Animated Series

LeBran James is using his popularity to try his hands in TV business. The Miami heats basket ball star is planning to premier an animated series on the internet this spring titled, “The LeBrons”.

According to reports, the show will be aired on YouTube, as well as, James personal website

The characters will based some of the Nike commercials that featured James as four versions of himself: the Kid Lebron, the Business LeBron, the Athlete LeBron, and the wise LeBron.

LeBron James production company, Spring Hill Productions in collaboration with Believe Entertainment Group are the producers behind the animated series.

The first season of the show will reportedly consist of 10 short episodes that are five to six minutes in length and will begin to chronicle the 16 year-old Kid LeBrown and his beginnings in Akron, Ohio.

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