Wiz Khalifa Ex Puts Amber Rose On Blast [Video]

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Reality TV star Natalie Nunn recently lashed out at ex-boyfriend Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose over their alleged relationship via her Ustream.

“With all due respect, I give a b*tch credit when credits deserved — you a paid h*e be a paid h*e. You want to compare me to these other little b*tches that have no, f*cking honor sh*t like me?! … When the next b*tch comes up and she’s done sh*t that I’ve done without coat tail riding on me or these b*tches out here who haven’t s*cked n*ggas d*ck to be put on. I didn’t s*ck no motherf*cking d*ck to get into no motherf*cking USC. Two degress from USC — I still have two degrees that you can not take from me. Okay, not a degree as a stripper, you feel me?! Not a degree as a stripper, a f*cking degree. One of the best soccer players in the f*cking country, ran on the junior Olympic track team. So with all due respect, I’m not trying to take nothing from the next b*tch but y’all motherf*ckers is gonna stop comparing me to these wack a** wannabe ‘Bad Girls.’ ‘Cause a ‘Bad’ b*tch got a f*cking degree! So see me when you got a f*cking piece of paper that says something on it!”

See video below