Mr. Vegas Encourages Self Acceptance With New Single Nah Bleach [Audio]

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International dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has been concerned about the incidents of persons bleaching their skins to a lighter hue. His concerns form the basis of his latest single Bleach (Nah Bleach), which was recently released on his very own Clifford Ray Music label.

In a release to the media, Mr. Vegas pointed out that bleaching can be harmful to one’s skin and that persons should accept themselves for who they are instead of trying to alter their skin complexion with the use of bleaching products.

‘God made us the way we are and we have to accept that. I am not here to preach to anyone about what they should or shouldn’t do. I am basically saying listen, bleaching can be harmful to your skin. It can cause skin cancer and can also damage the melanin in your skin. Just accept yourself the way you were born’, Mr. Vegas stated.

The single Bleach (Nah Bleach) has been getting substantial airplay since it was serviced to radio stations in Jamaica and the Caribbean within the past two weeks.

Said Mr. Vegas ‘I want to thank the radio disc jocks and the sound system selectors who have been giving this song the support. I am really appreciative of this and I just hope that persons will listen to the lyrics carefully before they decide to alter their complexion. As entertainers we are here to entertain our fans but we also have a responsibility to educate them about the harmful side effects of certain practices’.

A music video for the song is currently in the planning stages.

Listen to Mr. Vegas Nah Bleach below.

[audio:|titles=Black & Proud _ Nah Bleach]


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    STFU !!!! Fake @ss VEGAS. people have been bleaching like forever in JA. All of a sudden the man a bleach everybody have sh*t fi sey. who gives a sh*t.unnu love worry bout peeps problem too much. just gone mek the tune dem and keep it moving.everyone just badmind kartel. i think they made a pack against him in the dancehall community cuz they just plain jealous of his success. they tryna see who can bring him down. Dont pay dem any mind kartel just keep making yuh hits dem.