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Vybz Kartel: “sorry don’t discuss artistes. I’m too busy making millions”

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Dancehall deejay Aidonia gave Vybz Kartel a 3 day grace period to respond to some disses, which has ran out yesterday.

According to Donia in a recent interview with 876radio, Vybz Kartel is a coward if he doesn’t respond in 3 days. As it turns out, the three days expired yesterday and no word from Vybz Kartel except, “sorry don’t discuss artistes. I’m too busy making millions.”

For some time now Aidonia been dropping several diss tracks aimed at his former friend now turn enemy. But Vybz Kartel has ignored the shots for the most part until the question popped up in a recent interview with MTV UK Marvin Sparks.

“Aidonia is like a hungry and confuse child, him is like a drowning straw looking for someone to hold on to,” Kartel said.

Aidonia responded with his own interview, where he issued a direct challenged to the Gaza Empire leader.

“Kartel nuh have no lyrics, yuh turn singer, If yuh seh yuh a di baddest artiste just defend dis. When da interview ya drop mi a give him three days fi ansa and mi nah talk ansa pon no interview, ansa inna song,” Aidonia said.

“If three days pass and yuh nuh seh nutten, di world know seh Kartel a coward. Put it inna music and come sort it out and show di people dem seh yuh a nuh fool, yuh only a gwaan like yuh bad and yuh a di biggest informer bout ya,” Donia added.

In case you miss the both interview, you can view them below starting with Vybz Kartel.

Aidonia interview with 876radio

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