Beenie Man Bail Extended, Return To Court March 2

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Veteran dancehall deejay Beenie Man on Wednesday has his bail extended when he appeared in Court.

Beenie Man lawyer, Roderick Gordon, told the court that his client was absent for his last court date due to overseas contractual engagements.

Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, was charge with assault occasioning bodily harm after an incident involving graffiti artist LA Lewis last year summer.

It’s alleged that Beenie Man assaulted Lewis with the help of a member of his entourage, Rolex, after the graffiti artist ran his vehicle in the rear of Beenie’s Audi Q7 luxury SUV.

According to LA Lewis statement, he was attempting to drive past Beenie Man after he stopped in the road, when a section of his car hit the dancehall deejay’s vehicle, after which Davis allegedly exited his vehicle and assaulted him.

Beenie Man was charged with assault along with Rolex, whose real name is Jeremy Wade.

Beenie Man is schedule to return to court on March 2 for trial.